Sunday, November 4, 2012

Hello, Sunday!

Hey, everyone! It's Sunday. I've no idea to make a title for my post. So, i give "Hello, Sunday!" for my post title.
Well, i wanna post about my style, my self-pictures. Hahaha
I feel so bored. Because, nothing to do on this Sunday. Hmm, actually i've a plan to paint my room. But, my daddy didn't allow me to do that :( He said that i can paint my room on long holiday. Hmm... maybe on December.
So, i've an idea to take some pictures. XD
Well, here the pictures :D

Black Boots  =  Peter Kezia
Flower Crown  =  handmade
Tight  =  GFO
T-shirt  =  Nevada
Shirt  =  Corniche
Short-pant  =  J-Rep
(guitar ring and bracelet from Grosir Fashion Online)

Haha, just trying to use my new application from my phone :D


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