Saturday, February 1, 2014


Sorry for the late post. If you have instagram and follow me, you will know that I ever posted this look hmm...4 days ago. After I back from La Verna. Actually, I ever posted this look before I go to La Verna. But, I took the look on mirror. So, I just got my half body, not all. Btw, have you heard what is La Verna? La Verna is a place for people to pray or looking for serenity. Located in Pringsewu. You can get there by traveling for 1 hour from Bandarlampung, Indonesia. I went there with my school friends.
Every years, they've a different topic for student. And the topic for us is about "Openness". I learned too much how to be an openness people, and from this place, I thought all my problems disappeared. And my confusion regarding the university's finished already. *yeaayyyy

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