Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Simple Wall Decoration

I painted all my room to pink and confire rose. Why? Because I want my room looks girly =D. I add simple decoration to my room. It's about quotes. So that, I can be more enthusiastic. Actually I want to add some wall sticker but I don't have a time to looking them. Maybe next time.
Okay, here the quotes I choose as my wall decoration:
It's easy to make them. You just need paper, glue-stick, scissor, and..laptop/computer + printer.
Okay, here the steps :
1. Look for motivational/life/whatever quote or maybe your own quote.
2. Write it on your computer/laptop using Ms.Word.
3. Then, choose the font and the size.
4. After that, print out them.
5. Next, cut them with scissor.
6. The last, paste them with glue-stick carefully.

TARAAAAA....you just finished it! :D
It's easy right? ;)

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