Thursday, August 20, 2015

Kelagian Beach

So, in the middle of July, I back to my city Bandar Lampung. I really really miss my family and my dog, Jackie. And also my bestfriends and classmates! 
My classmates was planning a little trip for reunion. But sadly, some of them still busy with their university's life. And they will back in the end of July. 
Then, we made a little reunion. We went to Kelagian Beach. (Oh no! I went there twice). Usually I suggest them to Pahawang Island. Because that place is soooo beautiful! We can snorkelling there. But, some of my friends didn't want to go there, because it took 1 hour to accross the island. It's okay. I can go there next time. 
It took around 2 hours to get there from my place. And 25 minutes to accross the island.
When we arrived at Kelagian Island, it's like a private beach because no one come to that place, except me and my friends. Maybe it's because we came on Ramadhan's month.
Ok, here we go

See you!


  1. Kelagian beaaaach! I've been there!x))
    (soalnya itu rute wajib kalo abis dari pahawang, am i rite?!)

    Wanna go there again to do photoshoots... Maybe I'll try to visit it in next year ramadhan months, so there will not many people visiting it...:))

    Adventure of P-Chaaan!!

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