Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Crazy Time with my Classmate, ELECTRO!

Hey, guys! 
Sorry for the late post. Hehehe, I want to share about me and my friends. Yes, we've done our final test two weeks ago. I don’t care if I get good mark or bad mark, I don’t care. I just think every time, will I and my classmate in the same class next grade? I don’t want to dissever. I love them so much. And they are everything for me. We always spend our time in school together, we laugh, we joked together, we did stupid things together and more. And everything feels just a little while because we feel that togetherness and solidarity in this semester. Oh, God! I don’t want dissever with them. And I wish we still in the same class next. Not only my classmate who feel like that but, my friends in different class feel this, too!
So, we took some photos for keepsake in the free time!
Here the photos. It’s all our crazy photos and here some crazy videos. I know, it’s soooo crazy and freak. But, I don’t care. I love them and I always laugh and wanna cry when I see it. Hahaha



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