Friday, December 13, 2013

I'm Back Again!

Hello, everyone! Long time no post, right? Yes. I’m free now! I’m free from my final exams and also free from my school’s homeworks. So, I had plenty of time to post on my blog :D
My Christmas holiday will coming soon on December 21th, 2013. Too bad, I haven’t planning to go out from my town. It will be my bored holidays. And I also had a bad new, too. I heard from my friends that on January 3rd, 2014, we had to go to school. It’s so fast, right? We just had 2 weeks for having fun.
I was took that’s photos on last Saturday. It was taken by my cutest cousin, Faren. She is 8th years old. And still study at Elementary School, grade 4th. And here what was I wear :
Spike Cap from Gowigasa
Pattern Skirt from Cool Teen
Ave Skeleton Rose Shirt Black from Gowigasa
Bag from Gosh 

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